You Beyond Borders

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Being true to who you are… There’s nothing quite like it when you are fully you. Uncensored. How that feels in your body and soul..!

Whether you like her or agree with her or not, “Her genius is that her political commitments, her public persona, and her playing style are one and the same. In every realm, she is fearlessly open, outrageously joyous, and unabashedly true to herself.”

I repeat:

“In every realm, she is fearlessly open, outrageously joyous, and unabashedly true to herself.” More of that!

“When she talks about soccer (football), she incessantly returns to the phrase self-expression. What she means is that she… thinks about her performance on the pitch as an outlet for her creativity. While her results bespeak ruthless efficacy (three goals and two assists thus far in the World Cup), she aspires to something higher…

In pursuit of self-expression, she permits herself moments of audacity—where she shoots from a peripheral locale or attempts to impose an implausible arc on a pass. If she self-censored her play, she would never take the risks that characterize her game, all those feints and jukes. To describe her style as exuberant might seem arbitrary, except for the fact that it’s so evidently part of her presence, especially her goal celebrations. Earlier in the tournament, one of those celebrations became a source of controversy…When certain gentleman pundits absurdly denounced her behavior as unsportsmanlike, Rapinoe unapologetically described the moment as a ‘explosion of joy…’

What makes Rapinoe such a powerful advocate is that she is devoid of calculation…(her football skills and comments are) cleverly improvised and brimming with heart.

Here’s to more of that!

When was the last time you were so FULLY COMPLETELY YOU? You beyond borders? How did it feel and how were you being/what were you doing?

A moment of me beyond borders moving to the Rio Grande in Argentina. Thanks to Lisa Schoenthal for the video (filmed without me knowing).

Quoted Article about Megan Rapinoe here.

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Dancing Breath, Breathing Dance

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Start with a breath

Continue with a breath

I am the breath

You are the breath

We all (living and passed) are in this breath

The dance of life is in this breath



It’s one in the same



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Breathe & Be

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Minute Midnight Message

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