Leaping into life…whee!

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Morning Hills ©Britt Nielsen

Morning Hills
©Britt Nielsen

This morning: Beautiful hills, fog lifting, light rays beaming like spotlights, chorus of chirping crickets all as I bathe in the soft air holding and comforting me like a warm bath. A slightly cool breeze surprises me with a kiss as refreshing as a lake swim. I have no thoughts as I float on nature’s bliss. It’s not easy to put to words. I write in the present tense though I’m back at the computer, it’s as if I am still living in that moment. It’s something I wish everyone could experience, though I’m sure some might stand beside me seeing only hills before them, while all my senses are engaged and I’m deliciously overwhelmed.

I’m excited to post the final photo of the series I started last Friday,  “Procrastinating, distracted, or rightfully drawn…?” and go on a bike ride to discover a new swimming hole. I was headed there last night as I met the flowers on the side of the road. We communicated so long, that it got dark before I could explore.

So here is the final photo from last Friday to help us leap into whatever’s next for us. Check in to see if it truly feels scary, or if it’s actually the energy of excitement. Here to me, it seems as if the spider is going to leap and slide down the flower petals. Whee! Have fun leaping into the weekend, and a long one for those celebrating Labor Day in the States. Here we go, wahoo!

Taking the Leap ©Britt Nielsen

Taking the Leap
©Britt Nielsen

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