Wonders of Full Presence

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Lovely out in the woods. I feel at home. I want to stay. All is well in this moment. Warm air with touch of coolness, fragrant moist earth, sounds of peepers, woodpecker, honking of geese, and crunch of leaves underfoot… I soak it all up, taking in the sights of a hiding snake, bright orange fungus, deep green mossy curving stone wall, and trillium coming into their own… Even as I hear the pitter patter of raindrops on leaves and feel drops on my head, still I want to stay. Fully present in this moment. Though darkness creeps in, I feel lighter. Thank you mother nature. Let’s keep spending time together.
Ps: thank you for showering me with love as the rain picks up and I see this heart. ♥️

Presence of Love ©Britt Nielsen

Presence of Love
©Britt Nielsen

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