Is it a Sign?

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“What amazing adventure can I have this winter,” I’ve been asking myself?  Two years since I left my teaching job, I was free to venture for the winter. It felt as if now was the time! I have wanted to learn to speak Spanish fluently for years, so I considered a Spanish speaking country in Central or South America. Costa Rica popped to mind as one possibility. Honestly, I’m not sure why Costa Rica. I stayed open to possibilities of places I might go. One day in August, I went to the food coop. After I paid for my purchases, I put the change I received in my pocket and left to do more errands. When I got out to pay at a parking meter, I dug out the change. One coin was neither American nor  Canadian, which we sometimes see in Vermont. What was it? I couldn’t believe it was a coin (1 Colón, I’ve since learned is no longer in circulation) from Costa Rica! What were the chances of that!? Was it a sign?

Is it a Sign?

Costa Rican Colón. Is it a Sign?

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