Living in the flow amidst a missile warning

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Nothing like a missile alert to clean out your bowels-I mean get you up and in the “flow.” 37 minutes between first alert on my cell phone and the second. How would you spend the next 37 minutes after hearing warning to seek shelter because of a missile headed towards you?

(Apparently a missile alert can help you get that first blog post out a month plus after taking a crazy leap to go to Hawaii on a one-way plane ticket.) I was in the flow putting pictures on my computer last night after the family went to bed. When most people in the country are sleeping it’s easier for me to be focus and get things done. But then I thought I should go to bed so I could get up early to hike, only to discover I was unusually wired. I truly could not sleep. I even read a little science over my head thinking that might get me there. Eventually I did sleep some. At some point in the night I was suddenly awakened by what seemed like a rush of energy. Did my being somehow know about the excitement and “mistake” to come!?

Fast forward to my morning stupor of sleeping in and awakening to the first alert. I wondered if it was real. How close was said missile? Did the man in the oval office piss off North Korea? OK I don’t usually talk like that but it did slip out. If a missile was indeed headed this direction it had to land safely off the shore in the water.(Animal life would feel it’s vibrations and seek safety in advance.) It had to land off shore. I mean the Universe didn’t guide me to Hawaii to have things end in a missile mess.

If there was going to be any mess-I knew what I would do next. I did what anyone (well maybe not anyone) would do after getting that alert on their phone; I jumped in the shower. I was going to greet any possible mess with cleanliness!

This was of course after tuning in a bit and calling on my friends who also play beyond the 3-D physical world. I texted the family upstairs to see if they had heard anything more. I didn’t hear back. Still. Even after the shower. How long would we have after such an alert? Well if a missile was headed your direction, what would you do?

Would you seek shelter in a basement studio apartment? Go up to the house and join the family and pets? Would shelter help you survive, and if so, for how long?Still go to the farmers market figuring that they would have already set up and be hunkered down there, and you could at least get some good food, and then go hike as planned if it didn’t happen? Meditate? Turn on the TV and watch for breaking news? Give your kids treats they normally don’t get to pacify while hunkering in the lowest closet? Call your closest peeps? Pray? Open to communication with potential missile and the Universe to direct its course, all while remembering you should have updated your will? Start journaling all things you might have taken for granted but we’re grateful for such as your breath? Swear you would give up ___________, or do XY or Z if you lived?

Fortunately I got a text back from the family saying “civil defense had made a mistake.“ Really! What a mistake! Thankful it was a mistake-but I couldn’t help but wonder if there still wasn’t a threat looming. The false alarm alert didn’t flash across my phone screen until 19 minutes after the family told me it was a mistake. That’s a long time to get the word out to people on the phone system.

Of course my thoughts went to people who have lived with and are still living with such threats and warfare on a daily basis. That never knowing when the next bomb might drop feeling.

Many of you know I have been doing my best to live my true nature, in a state of connected flow. I started a Facebook group sharing about it. This trip to Hawaii is all about trusting and being in the flow.

Today, because I can be, I’m completely in the flow. I’m stocked up on snacks and fruit from the farmers market and out on this hike. Interesting thing is I’m just a little ways from the trailhead and am perfectly content sitting on roots of a tree with this view (tapping this message on my iPhone.) 14 miles aren’t likely to happen as originally considered, but I will follow the flow whether I choose to sit and be or however far I go, enjoying nature and this breath in this very moment.

How are you living in gratitude, true to you, in the flow? Oh and if a missile threat alert flashed across your screen, what would you do?

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