Leap! Explore! Thrive!

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It’s likely you’ve made some big changes, perhaps even taken some leaps in the past year or few. If not, is there something itching at you to shed? Or perhaps a new place to step into? Is it time to face any fears and explore new territory? Go where curiosity, joy and wonder take you and you just might find yourself closer to where you really want to be, thriving as you and only you can be in your true nature!  


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Can you Feel the Spirit and Dance?

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“Feel Spirit dance within you and move your feet  beneathe you” is my way of saying: feel the Spirit, the beautiful energy of Pachamama, Mother Earth, the Universe and Your True Nature. Be fully and completely aligned with it AND take action. Intentions alone aren’t enough. Action is needed. Aligned action. The school of hard knocks (get your a** in gear) does not get me boogieing. This is the language that works best for me by helping me access and maintain fun, light, playful energy and keep my ‘why’ (intentions) in mind as I move my feet, dancing into action. Feel the beat. Move your feet. Keep Dancing. It’s all about enjoying the dance more than where we are on the dance floor. 

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Walk Your Art

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There is art in simply being who you are. May you share that with the world. Learn from the crabs and create art wherever you are!

Walk your Art. Lessons from a crab.

Walk your Art. Lessons from a crab.


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Be the Light

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Receive the light. It’s shining from all directions.
Let the light of your true nature shine and brighten the world simply by being you!

Be the Light You Are

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Breathing Magic into Being

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Magic is in the air! It’s been quite a time of letting go and releasing. With all that eclipsing and the new moon, it is as if we’ve just birthed anew. There is so much more to be brought into the world. Perhaps it is as if we’re expecting septuplets! What’s bigger than that? Big magic is in the air! We’re whispering it into being. Only, we’re not content to whisper any more. We’re easily scampering up those trees in full ‘bling’, autumn leaves in our hair, colors dancing before our eyes, magnificent vistas as far as we can see, as we abracadabra magic into being, simply from our knowing and allowing. We receive! In our excitement, we may be tempted to shout from the treetops. There’s no need, though do what ever you please. What wand will you wave? Dare to breathe ✨Magic✨ into being!


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Feeling Alone?

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Do you ever feel alone or even singled out? Can you see we’re all swaying and playing in the same field? Do you believe there’s abundance for all, including you? “Your choices of action may be limited—but your choices of thought are not.”–Abraham-HicksPlaying and Swaying

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