“Britt has a unique ability to capture people in their natural state. Her photographs from our wedding show the joy, happiness, and intimacy that we and our guests experienced on that day. They will remain treasures to me for the rest of my life. Since then she has taken some family portraits for us which are equally amazing. She has truly captured the spirit and personality of our young daughter. I would highly recommend Britt for any photography needs or wishes. You will love her work.” ~Mary D

“Britt was terrific from the first time we talked on the phone to the last photos she sent us. One of the reasons we liked her so much was that she did not start from any assumptions about how the day of our commitment ceremony would go or what kind of photos would best capture it. (If you have started planning a wedding or commitment ceremony, you probably know how rare this is!) Instead, she was very generous with her time: asking questions, getting a sense of who we were, who would be joining us, what all of the relationships were, and what kind of an event we envisioned. She scoped out the location well in advance and her thoughts on lighting and background really helped us think about where things might happen and where everyone should be and when. We asked, for instance, for some group shots that were posed but not overly formal, and this is exactly what we got. On the day of the event, Britt seemed to be everywhere, and yet was totally unobtrusive. One of our family members who also happens to be a photographer told us that, every time he saw what seemed to be a good photo, he looked and Britt was already in the perfect position to take it. Britt was absolutely the right choice for us.” ~Doug & Melanie of Connecticut

“Your pictures of our girls are some of our favorites! The one of our daughter laughing in particular-I completely see my mother’s joy in her-I will ALWAYS hold that picture very dear to my heart because of this. I have seen this in her often, but it has never been captured so well in a photo.” ~J

“We truly adore our wedding photos. Britt has a documentary style, which was exactly what we hoped for. She worked closely with us in advance to ensure that she understood our vision and could best capture that in images. Her sense of humor kept everybody relaxed and smiling during the posed shots, and she has a beautiful eye for catching those moments you couldn’t possibly plan for in advance! She also really goes above and beyond : she scouted out the location for our outdoor wedding in advance so she could strategize the best light – and she even found a special spot we hadn’t discovered ourselves where we could exchange private vows and take photographs after the main ceremony!” ~Beverly & Gonzalo

~Coaching and Energy Work~

“Britt has taught me ways to grow and live a healthy, joy-filled life in so many ways. Her guided meditations have eased my migraines, helped me through grieving during divorce and upon the death of loved ones, and empowered me to find the energy to live a fulfilling life. Painting play sessions with Britt allow me to ease an unquiet mind enough to regain focus and peace. I prioritize better, laugh and play more, and move through life more gracefully because of Britt’s coaching. Her accepting, loving energy is a powerful force!” ~Marie

“I am happy to report that I am playing more; I am in joy more; and taking steps INTO the play of my business. Thank you for planting the seed that has sprouted this spring.”
~Susan Jones

“I recently received an Access Consciousness BARS session with Britt Nielsen. As a chiropractor trained in energy healing, I am familiar with many modalities, but was not familiar with this one. Wow!! The session was extremely powerful! Britt contacted points on my cranium for about one hour, and I could feel the energy moving from my head down throughout my body. I felt a warm, tingling sensation in areas of my body which I have occasional pain and stiffness. After the session, I was on cloud nine! I felt, and continue to feel, a level of joy which I rarely had access to in the past. Thank you, Britt! I will definitely be scheduling with you again!”

Dr. Greg Vrona D.C.
Alignment Healing