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Choose your own weather forecast

Posted by on Sep 13, 2018 in Live Your True Nature, Nature | 0 comments

Do you ever wake or go about your day feeling in a fog? Caught up in what seem to be crazy life issues? Have you been known to react, adding to the drama?

Are you able to catch yourself, take some deep breaths, wait it out, having faith that you’ll experience life beyond the dense fog?

Though things may appear to move in slow motion, as you focus on anything positive, (sure there may be dense fog, but look at all those gorgeous flowers!;-), the heavy fog of the situation miraculously lifts until you just see lovely flowers and feel the warmth of the sunshine.

Once everything is clear, do you catch yourself suddenly seeing the beauty of the fog and possibly even missing the contrast!? What if we chose to make those circumstances irrelevant and set our internal channel to whatever we want in whatever moment. Though at times it feels as if it has gone missing, we do indeed each have the remote.

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Drinking in the nectar of the moment

Posted by on Sep 11, 2013 in Lessons from Animals, Love, Nature, Self-love | 0 comments

Drinking in the nectar of the moment ©Britt Nielsen

Drinking in the nectar of the moment
©Britt Nielsen

I love how two of these wood nymph butterflies look like one butterfly as they come together and how their wings form the shape of a heart. In gratitude as I join the butterflies in drinking in the nectar of the moment.

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