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On Cloud Nine

Posted by on Sep 17, 2018 in Live Your True Nature, Nature | 1 comment

Sharing a few spectacular clouds from today. May these images be a portal for a moment on cloud nine in your life.

I know it looks photoshopped but it’s not. Sometimes the auto white balance in our cameras might be off a touch, but it was definitely firey!
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Wolf in the light of the full moon

Posted by on Aug 22, 2013 in Nature | 0 comments

Wolf in the light of the full moon ©Britt Nielsen

Wolf in the light of the full moon ©Britt Nielsen

I was returning from my evening swim as I saw the clouds and moon playing hide and seek! I loved how the moon illuminated the clouds and the clouds covered the moon just a bit, revealed it completely and then covered it entirely. I waited (in my sundress with the mosquitos) about 15 minutes at one point for the dark clouds to part: “Oh, my what a big mouth you have!?” “All the better to swallow the moon whole,” this wolf seemed to say!

“….and then wolf got indigestion and spit the moon out. And, my children, that’s why the moon sometimes disappears and then returns. The end.”
(after seeing this image, fellow photographer, Katrina Pruett added the end of story.)

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