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Staring Fear Head On, Writing Beyond. Day 1

Posted by on Jan 1, 2017 in Live Your True Nature, True Nature Expression, Writing | 0 comments

I had fear of writing before I did my first writing circle with Adela Rubio. The thought of writing (even years after getting through graduate school and teaching English to speakers of Other Languages) instantly threw me into my childhood blank page panic of a deer frozen in the headlights, not knowing which way to run. Run was what I was supposed to do, right!? It certainly seemed easier than staring down that empty page that stared back as I wondered where to start. I think I would have taken more action if a car had been hurtling down the road straight for me. That certainly would have given me something to write about and no time for perfection. Essentially Adela was that speeding car. She offered a fun and often poignant writing prompt and limited time (2-4 minutes), which curbed the prowess of my perfectionist filter. Perhaps so, but I still stood stark naked and vulnerable. It seemed Adela had me in mind when she named our first group Naked Writers. Who knew it might actually be easier to write in the buff. It’s powerful to put words on paper and then speak them to others (on the writing call). This form of creative expression with a twist gave me new voice. It was as if I had unhooked my body bra, freeing my true essence. Fast forward 6 years or so and I’m still writing with Adela, baring more and more. Today is the first of a 21 day circle with my writing sisters. I’ll include my 2 minute writings here. Feel free to join in writing as you are called, especially if it scares you.

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Day 1, 1/1/17, Prompt: Mystery Calls

Mystery calls. Hear it echo over the land, ricocheting off the canyon walls. Mystery goes deep, yet it breathes expansive possibilities. Mystery. The word seems dark in nature to me, filled with fear and anxiety. What if I gave it new clothes? Imagine it shimmering with promise—a designer dress just for me, with the freedom to dance, flowing with grace, in all the comfort of pajamas.

I’d love to read your 2-minute writings if you wish to share in the comments below.

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Freestyle Living: Biking Across America in 57 Days!

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What says Freestyle Living more than traveling across America by bike? Remember Aidan and Clara, recent high school graduates biking across America earlier this summer? They did it! Not that there was any doubt they would, but it’s still impressive. They biked from the Atlantic Ocean in Maine to the Pacific Ocean in Oregon. That’s 3609 miles in 57 days. They share the stats, highlights, and words of wisdom in their final blogpost at Their adventure is certainly inspiring to those of us biking fewer miles in one day than they averaged every day for two straight months! Is it time to plan your own adventure even if it is perhaps just a 3-day one?

Celebrating in the Pacific Ocean after biking across America in 57 days! Image from

Celebrating in the Pacific Ocean after biking across America in 57 days! Image from


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Home on Wheels for Freestyle Living

Posted by on Jul 29, 2016 in Adventure, Freestyle Living, Live Your True Nature | 1 comment

I asked my friends Tom and Cyn if I could highlight them in a Freestyle Living post. After reading the last Freestyle Living post about the recent high school graduates biking across America, Tom said, “I don’t know if we’re as inspirational as those who are raising money for the Vermont Land Trust and biking across the states. We just want to travel and see our grandkid.” Indeed they will. They just sold their home and everything in it. They had already bought and created a home on wheels in this 22 foot van they call Frosty.

Tom and Cyn with their soon to be home on wheels, Frosty. (©Britt Nielsen)

After a recent mountain bike ride Tom and Cyn humored me by standing with their soon to be home on wheels, Frosty. (©Britt Nielsen)

(more details and pictures of this home on wheels in a future post). It’s outfitted to suit them well as they hit the road driving across the country to spend time with their grandchild.

teaching grandchild how to make noise with his mouth and finger

Teaching grandchild how to make fun noises with his mouth and finger on a recent visit in Burlington, Vermont  (©Britt Nielsen)

Later in the fall, they’ll take two or three months to travel around Asia again. They already spent a year bike touring and traveling around the world, so somehow I think we’ll hear about more adventures from them with and without their trusty stead Frosty.

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Freestyle Living: Biking Across America

Posted by on Jul 18, 2016 in Adventure, Freestyle Living, Live Your True Nature | 1 comment

What did you do the summer after you graduated from high school? There are so many ways to live and choices to make. I’m all about living free and true given what I chose after high school to how I live now. I’m meeting more and more people who are making life leaps and bucking any norms to live freely in ways that work for them. Many more people are desiring big life changes and finding inspiration in others’ adventures as they ponder some of their own, so I’ve decided to share some inspiring adventures in what I’m calling Freestyle Living! In my first Freestyle Living post, I am honored to highlight recent Vermont Waldorf High School graduates Aidan Powell and Clara Slesar biking across America. They wanted to combine their sense of adventure and love of the land by raising money for the Vermont Land Trust. They started in Maine and a mere 31 days later, they are in South Dakota. They seem to have put in quite a few hundred mile days–impressive with fully loaded paniers on their bikes! I’m enjoying following their daily updates. Here’s today’s post of day 31, prickly surprises in South Dakota from their website. Check it out! I’d love to hear of other tales of Freestyle Living. Please share yours or those you know of with me in the comments below or the contact page.


Cycling coast to coast image ©Clara Slesar

Cycling Coast to Coast, image ©Clara Slesar

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Take Fear’s Hand and Fly

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Got Fear? It seems to be up for many. Is it time to acknowledge it, tell it you know it’s along for the ride but it’s not the pilot of your plane? What if Fear went and relaxed in first class? Granted it probably won’t just sleep through the trip; it might be that one needy customer demanding one thing after another. It doesn’t really mean to make your life difficult. It just wants you to stay “safe” and keep your plane grounded. But you’ve got places to go and experiences to have. Take Fear’s hand and tell it to hold on for another ride of its life. There will likely be some turbulence but it will be worth it when you are experiencing the glory of the sky, the beauty of your life as you’re choosing to live once fear is demoted from pilot or co-pilot to passenger. One breath at at a time!

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