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The Spring of Life

Posted by on May 9, 2017 in Live Your True Nature, Nature | 0 comments

Do you ever have a desire, dream, or piece of work you wish to bloom into being, but it seems to be in bud stage forever? We look for the quick blossoming until we reflect on the grace of nature through all elements. We find patience through rainy weather, wait for sun and then remember to water those desires and speak words of love until one day we realize we’re in the midst of our spring, living our dreams. 

From Bud to Blossom

From Bud to Blossom
©Britt Nielsen

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Clear Next Step

Posted by on Mar 12, 2017 in Live Your True Nature, Nature | 0 comments

Though your path may appear murky at first, the next step will be clear if you stay true to your knowing. 

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Drift Into Your Desires

Posted by on Aug 26, 2015 in Live Your True Nature, True Nature Expression | 0 comments

What does the energy of what you desire or what you wish to create feel like? Close your eyes and feel it. Don’t think it, FEEL it. Gently. Let your breath carry you. As you gaze into this image, feel yourself drift into your desires.  Does it feel like floating on cloud nine? Is there peace, exuberant effervescence or ecstacy to it? What energy flows forth for you?

Drift Into Your Desires ©Britt Nielsen

Drift Into Your Desires
©Britt Nielsen

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Power in Your Veins

Posted by on Aug 25, 2015 in Live Your True Nature, Love | 0 comments

The Guided Way ©Brit Nielsen

The Guided Way
©Brit Nielsen

The Spirit in me honors the Spirit in you. May your day be filled with Pure Divine Energy (whatever that means to you).  Power runs through the veins of your wrists. Bare them in all your vulnerability, asking for what you need. Look for the signposts of your personal helping hand. The fingers point the way, guiding you in every moment. Namaste.

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Whispered Way

Posted by on May 30, 2015 in Live Your True Nature, Poetry, Reflections | 3 comments


Something Shifted
as we drifted
as sudden
as together
we came
like plates of the Universe,
a subtle shift,
a quake of the earth,
and all has changed

Where do we go from here?

Is there a way out?

No need to shout or doubt.
Amidst the rubble is your path.
Light will shine
and all will be revealed, as you follow your essence,
true and Divine.
Your heart knows the way.
Move one rock at a time.
Sit in stillness to hear the whispers of the Universe,
as to the next move.
Whose turn is it anyway!?

The Divine.

©2015Britt Nielsen


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