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Home on Wheels for Freestyle Living

Posted by on Jul 29, 2016 in Adventure, Freestyle Living, Live Your True Nature | 1 comment

I asked my friends Tom and Cyn if I could highlight them in a Freestyle Living post. After reading the last Freestyle Living post about the recent high school graduates biking across America, Tom said, “I don’t know if we’re as inspirational as those who are raising money for the Vermont Land Trust and biking across the states. We just want to travel and see our grandkid.” Indeed they will. They just sold their home and everything in it. They had already bought and created a home on wheels in this 22 foot van they call Frosty.

Tom and Cyn with their soon to be home on wheels, Frosty. (©Britt Nielsen)

After a recent mountain bike ride Tom and Cyn humored me by standing with their soon to be home on wheels, Frosty. (©Britt Nielsen)

(more details and pictures of this home on wheels in a future post). It’s outfitted to suit them well as they hit the road driving across the country to spend time with their grandchild.

teaching grandchild how to make noise with his mouth and finger

Teaching grandchild how to make fun noises with his mouth and finger on a recent visit in Burlington, Vermont  (©Britt Nielsen)

Later in the fall, they’ll take two or three months to travel around Asia again. They already spent a year bike touring and traveling around the world, so somehow I think we’ll hear about more adventures from them with and without their trusty stead Frosty.

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Is it a Sign?

Posted by on Dec 5, 2014 in Adventure, Costa Rica, Live Your True Nature | 0 comments

“What amazing adventure can I have this winter,” I’ve been asking myself?  Two years since I left my teaching job, I was free to venture for the winter. It felt as if now was the time! I have wanted to learn to speak Spanish fluently for years, so I considered a Spanish speaking country in Central or South America. Costa Rica popped to mind as one possibility. Honestly, I’m not sure why Costa Rica. I stayed open to possibilities of places I might go. One day in August, I went to the food coop. After I paid for my purchases, I put the change I received in my pocket and left to do more errands. When I got out to pay at a parking meter, I dug out the change. One coin was neither American nor  Canadian, which we sometimes see in Vermont. What was it? I couldn’t believe it was a coin (1 Colón, I’ve since learned is no longer in circulation) from Costa Rica! What were the chances of that!? Was it a sign?

Is it a Sign?

Costa Rican Colón. Is it a Sign?

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