Glory of being who we are

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Glory of being who we are ©Britt Nielsen

Glory of being who we are
©Britt Nielsen

As it sipped the nectar of the lilac hosta flowers, sunlight magnified the glory of the ruby-throated hummingbird and its emerald green luminescent feathers. I couldn’t change the camera settings fast enough to  share that splendor. After scanning the area for a return of the tiny magnificent bird, I caught sight of it up on a branch. Though its colors were muted without full sunlight, it sat in full presence and stirred something in me as it arched up, displaying its neck and full vulnerability. Did it know I was there? I was touched by this little bird just being its bird self. It didn’t put on a show or strive to be bigger or smaller, but seemed content in who and how it was in that very moment. We never really know how we might touch others just by being who we are…

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