Living our true essence

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Beauty throughout the life cycle ©Britt Nielsen

Beauty throughout the life cycle & interconnectedness
©Britt Nielsen

In my last post, “Procrastinating, distracted, or rightfully drawn?”, I shared what drew me from my work at the patio table. This week, I will continue to share images that caught my eye within a half hour period that day!

I was drawn to this wilting flower, one starting to droop and another in full life. Ah, the stages of life and surprisingly, the beauty in each!

I found myself honoring the life lived and beauty brought to all (ok, maybe just me here in the yard) of the flower now wilted. Though, it hadn’t lived to bring me, or anyone else beauty;  it had lived true to it’s unique flower essence, whether or not anyone saw its beauty or beyond it’s outward appearance!

Noticing the way the grass and wilted flower were intertwined brought to mind our interconnectedness!


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