Whirring Magic Moment

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Yesterday’s productive work day was sandwiched by magical moments. The first came in the morning as I sat outside. I heard the familiar whir of hummingbird wings. As I scanned the flowers for a hummingbird, I saw the smallest one I’d ever seen, just the size of my thumb.

Hummingbird Moth ©Britt Nielsen

Hummingbird Moth
©Britt Nielsen

Wow, I felt as if I were witnessing something rare, the excitement of seeing a bird you’ve never seen before that birders must feel when they first see a ‘lifer.’ That thought passed in a flash as I realized the hummingbird had no beak and what about the antennae? No time to ponder; where’s the camera!? Fortunately, while I dashed inside, there were enough flowers to keep it busy…busy as a bee… Hmmm, it’s lower body did look a bit more like a bumblebee. My source (thanks, Mom!), revealed that it is a hummingbird moth, also sometimes known as a hawk moth, sphinx moth, clearwing moth, or bee-hawk moth. Magic.

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