Grasshopper Greetings

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Grasshopper Greetings ©Britt Nielsen

Grasshopper Greetings
©Britt Nielsen

Grasshopper greetings to all!
Have you ever had one of those times when you’re finding your way through emotions as tangled as these blades of grass? I admit I’ve been in that place .  It can seem dark and confusing underneath, though there’s always a way through if we breathe deeply, and look for the light. During those occasions is it time to kindly embrace your shadow, the part of you, you might not be so proud of, or demand change? Is it as if you’re trying to birth a dinosaur, when the dinosaur egg needs to hatch in its own time? Are all the emotions too heavy to sort through? Would it feel better and even more productive to stop thinking and to breathe? To stop spinning your wheels in the mud, making deeper ruts, and instead get out and walk gracefully, admiring the pattern in those ruts, and all the beauty that surrounds you, and is within you? You know the way, Dear Grasshopper! Here you are emerging from underneath the tangled blades, ready for what’s next!

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