Shades of Love

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Shades of Love ©Britt Nielsen

Shades of Love
©Britt Nielsen


Love is unique in every moment. What about Love could we venture to say this photograph illustrates?

Love comes in all shades, shapes and sizes. Deep veins run through our Love. Or is it that Love runs through our veins?

Our backgrounds, whether as comfortable as moss or hard and rocky, contribute to the contrast of where we struggle and where we shine at holding an open stream of Love for ourselves and others.

Shadows, like birthmarks reveal the individuality of our Love. Whether or not our edges are smooth or ruffled, Love still exists in some shape or form.

Each of us has an everlasting umbilical cord as a conduit for giving and receiving Love. We all have the pathway to let this rich nourishment of Love flow!


  1. This is beautiful, Britt! I love the shadow of the fern in the leaf! 😉

    • Thank you Greg! Though I try to get as close to natural environment in my photographing and processing, I admit to repositioning the leaf from where it fell (hidden in the bushes) to show off the leaf and the fern shadow;-)

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