What’s Your Perspective?

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What's Your Perspective? ©Britt Nielsen

What’s Your Perspective?
©Britt Nielsen

What’s your perspective? How do you view life? Does it seem dark, full of tragedy, difficulty and fear? Does it seem bright with possibility, beauty and kindness? Look at these two pictures. How do you feel on your journey? Do you feel a bit down regardless of how far you’ve travelled and how far you have to go; seeing only the distance and lurking obstacles?

Or, do you celebrate the journey and your experiences along the way believing in ‘impossible’ possibilities, and seeing softness and beauty in the adventure and growth in any challenges?

The choice is always yours. You get to choose your perspective each step of the journey. What lenses do you choose to see through  in this very moment? The dark shades with grey lenses that filter out the light, transparent lenses that allow clear vision, or perhaps the vermillion red-hued lenses that brighten your view? Try any pair. You can always choose another.


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