Take Fear’s Hand and Fly

Posted by on Apr 8, 2016 in Adventure, Live Your True Nature | 0 comments

Got Fear? It seems to be up for many. Is it time to acknowledge it, tell it you know it’s along for the ride but it’s not the pilot of your plane? What if Fear went and relaxed in first class? Granted it probably won’t just sleep through the trip; it might be that one needy customer demanding one thing after another. It doesn’t really mean to make your life difficult. It just wants you to stay “safe” and keep your plane grounded. But you’ve got places to go and experiences to have. Take Fear’s hand and tell it to hold on for another ride of its life. There will likely be some turbulence but it will be worth it when you are experiencing the glory of the sky, the beauty of your life as you’re choosing to live once fear is demoted from pilot or co-pilot to passenger. One breath at at a time!

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