Bold Embodied Beauty. You.

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You see my beauty and yet not your own. How can this be, for my beauty is yours. Acknowledge your beauty. Embody it; walk with it; sing with it; play with it. Let it shine. When you let it shine, you are more radiant and joyful, as am I.

You admire my beauty as Mother Earth and yet somehow it doesn’t seem right to you to trust your own. This is an old paradigm. Let it go and own your beauty. Let the light of your soul out to shine and play, dance and frolic. Love. Reach new highs flying on your beauty as you soar through life reaching new mountain tops of joy. Dare we say ecstasy? We do, but dare you embrace it? Embrace the ecstasy of you-that feeling when you are truly ALL of you just as you are in the glory of you. No need to be anything in particular or strive or do; just be the ecstasy of you. The next time you are marveling at my beauty, know I am a mirror of you.

My love always,



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