The Freedom of You

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Go forth and be free.

What does that mean in a world full of “responsibilities?“

Oh dear child you are still free-free to choose how you feel in every moment. You are free to relate to those responsibilities differently and even choose differently. It may not seem like it in the moment but it is true. Not everyone needs to leave their job. You can if you choose if you need to find another way to follow your heart. First be with your heart. Add joy to your current situation by dancing, singing, and playing. You will feel more alivened, more joy and clarity as to your next most aligned steps.

Can you let go of the heavy thinking and dance? Just move freely. Feel the answers rise up from your feet, through your heart and out your arms and head.

Ask the trees. That’s what Britt did when she was laboring over her decision to go to a Soul Motion workshop in Argentina. She knew in her heart that she was meant to go yet she felt so “irresponsible“ with the decision financially. In talking with the trees she got “what you humans deem as irresponsible, we call fully living.”

Talk with the trees; they are full of ancient wisdom. Talk to the birds, oceans, rivers, and mountains. Feel your feet on the earth and let the energy travel through you. Feel the knowing of nature as your own. Let clarity wash over you. Feel the freedom of your soul.

My Love Always,


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