There’s no feeling like “home”

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More than 24 hours of travel with no sleep last night and I feel so powerfully peaceful!

I noticed Glorious Goddess of the Earth, Gaia from the plane this morning. When I looked at the flight map we had just entered the skies above Argentina where I’ll be dancing with her. She is the river and the earth here with her legs in the bottom right of the picture, her chest is out and her head thrown back with her hair and arms flowing. It felt like a personal welcome to Argentina!;-)

The message I got from Gaia while on the airplane before I landed here in Córdoba this evening was “you will feel at home.” I questioned if I feel at home in my body or on the land here or… ? And I figured it would come in the next week or two.

I feel at home now.

I feel at peace. Powerfully peaceful!;-) Home.

Out in the garden dancing barefoot with the palm trees under the moon was delicious. And now on a chaise lounge tapping this on my phone. Can you feel it? It’s that perfect temperature for me–no longer hot but the breeze is just cool enough that you want a scarf around your bare arms. I’m surprised to feel this feeling of home to such an extensive degree right now. I shouldn’t be.

I am so reminded of my other winter time away in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Hawaii. Exploring, discovering and…. I love the sun, the green, the warmth, the birds, the fragrant air, the cooling but still warmish breeze earlier when I was soaking in the view from my balcony.

There’s no feeling like home. And what’s wonderful is that we can feel it from any place in the world. True it’s easier to feel it in some places, especially wherever there is glorious nature for me. And though I do feel very much at home in Vermont where I grew up, there are different nuances. I also feel it tremendously right here, right now. In a country I’ve never been before, where another language is spoken other than my native English… perhaps the trees speak the same language though. Home. What does it feel like for you?

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