Unleash Your Heart Song

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Follow your heart. It knows the way even if you’re blazing a completely new trail. It is the year for blazing both new paths and expressions of the heart.

The songs within you are clamoring to get out. Don’t make them wait any longer even if you think you “can’t sing.” This is your year to unleash the creations within. It’s not about you but about the gifts you have to share with the world. Don’t wait any longer. Start today.

What’s one thing that wants to come forth? Like a geyser, let it up and out, through your vocal chords, pen, paintbrush, body as you dance the song within out into the universe.

I need your gifts of beauty more than ever. If you can’t do it for you, please do it for me and the collective consciousness. Be light about it; play like a child. Laugh and sing and dance even if just for three minutes. Start now and share the beauty you discover. Here. Now. Always.

Seriously, this is urgent. It may seem superfluous to you, but this playful expression, so light and free, is my foundation. It’s what keeps my streams flowing, snow and rain falling, sun shining, stars shooting, waves in ebb and flow, moon beckoning…all in pristine order. Enough talk.

Go play now for a more magnificent Earth . What will you share with me today?

My love always,


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