The Power of Love-A New Dance

Posted by on Feb 12, 2019 in Live Your True Nature | 0 comments

You are loved.

It’s time to fully know and embody this.

Walk as love.

Talk as love.

Breathe as love.

Be love.

Not because you desire love, but because you are the Power of Love. (It is the same one you crave.)

There is no power quite like it.

You each bring your own flair to it.

Breathe it out into the world as you dance your Love Song.

You will feel what it is like to be deeply and expansively in love-with everything and everyone, even those you had not been able to love before.

You now love the unique expression of who they are and feel such love for yourself as they mirror the beauty of you.

I offer you the Love that YOU are. It’s already within you;-) I reflect it back to you as you enjoy my beauty as Mother Nature. Thank you for your Love.

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