Live Your True Nature

Breathe & Be

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Minute Midnight Message

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The Power of Love-A New Dance

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You are loved.

It’s time to fully know and embody this.

Walk as love.

Talk as love.

Breathe as love.

Be love.

Not because you desire love, but because you are the Power of Love. (It is the same one you crave.)

There is no power quite like it.

You each bring your own flair to it.

Breathe it out into the world as you dance your Love Song.

You will feel what it is like to be deeply and expansively in love-with everything and everyone, even those you had not been able to love before.

You now love the unique expression of who they are and feel such love for yourself as they mirror the beauty of you.

I offer you the Love that YOU are. It’s already within you;-) I reflect it back to you as you enjoy my beauty as Mother Nature. Thank you for your Love.

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One Oasis

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Where do I end and you begin? What if there is no ending or beginning?

When we dismantle our walls and stay open in vulnerability, we are one in the same in the fog, which is more like a nectar of love, embracing all in its mi(d)st.

I am forever changed. In each moment.

I feel like a pool of water as my edges simultaneously dissolve and expand into one oasis (which includes YOU). The feeling is hard to put into words. Such softness and strength floating in a void that wants for nothing. Such depths of fullness in expansive emptiness.

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Do you hear your heartbeat?

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Your Heart Song

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Go forth and be you in the world. You know how to be as only you can be. Trust that you are enough. More than enough. You always have been. Time to trust.

You will be guided every step of the way. You must only pause, breathe and listen. Write, sing, dance.

Screenshot of video by Lisa Schoenthal

Do your art that keeps you in tune with your heart and allows you to hear the words best. If not the words, you will know the feeling. That is your life song. Your heart song is your life path. Embrace it now.

Treasure it.

It is your precious breath of life.

Share it with the world.

(c) Britt Nielsem Cento Umepay

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The Breath of Life

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Gaia’s message today:

You are free.

Free as the river.

Flow, flow, flow.

Choose the direction of the current.

Feel the power that you are.

Direct the stream of your flow.

Feel your connection to all.

You are the river, moon, sun, trees, earth, and sky.

The breath of life, you ARE.

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