Creating Phone Photographs That Come to Life

Have fun, be creative, learn rules and break them!

Would you like to feel at ease using your iPhone to take pictures that come alive?

You’ll learn photography guidelines including phone shortcuts, composition, lighting and easy editing right in the photo. Depending on the interest and skillsets of the participants, we may cover favorite apps, how to save photos, and folder creation for images. Most of all, you’ll have fun and come away with new awareness and pictures that speak for themselves.

*Class time inside editing and outside taking pictures, so wear comfortable shoes and come prepared for the weather.
*Geared towards iPhone users, but others are welcome.

“Britt´s class was very helpful in teaching me how to utilize the varied camera options on my new iPhone. Her gentle and guided instruction was sequential and easy to follow. I highly recommend her class to anyone who wants to get the most out of their phone camera.” 
Elizabeth Brandt
Underhill, Vermont

True Nature Discovery Walk (with camera)

The camera can be a tool to help us perceive more of our surroundings, which in turn leads to greater awareness of our inner world. The presence it takes to observe our environment brings us more fully in tune with our body, mind, spirit and our deepest desires. By exploring in nature, with cameras in hand, we see what we might not normally see. We experience nature’s beauty and delight, come present in our bodies, feeling the spirit of our own true nature.

As you see more deeply into nature, you see more into your own true nature. As you hear the whispers of the trees, and become aware of the wisdom in the woods, your inner voice becomes clearer and more audible.

*Bring a journal to reflect near the end of our time together.
*Bring a camera, and enjoy nature as a place of freedom, possibility, and self-discovery!
*camera can be a smartphone, point and shoot or DSLR

Current Dates and Locations of Offerings:
Sacred Nature Journeys 
spring offerings coming soon

Past workshops:
MMU After Dark
Community Senior Center
Camp Common Ground Women’s Weekend Retreat

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