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Full Moon Magic

Posted by on Aug 20, 2013 in Live Your True Nature | 0 comments

Full moon dance ©Britt Nielsen

Full moon dance
©Britt Nielsen

Yesterday I mentioned the magic of the morning, meeting a hummingbird moth for the first time. My evening was filled with magical dancing! I walked out of the local co-op after buying groceries to be greeted by the nearly full moon rising over a church. I watched the moon dance with the pink whips of clouds, gracefully gliding along the dance floor of the sky. I knew if I stayed a few more dances, the moon would rise directly above the church steeple.  Camera in hand, I witnessed this waltz. It was as if I were dancing on the earth’s ceiling along side the moon. I was amazed how many people walked right by without hearing the music before them. When I had the camera to my eye, some stopped and pulled out their iPhones and exclaimed about the beauty of the ballroom with the moon tiara shimmering above the church steeple.

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