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Can you Feel the Spirit and Dance?

Posted by on Apr 6, 2015 in Costa Rica, Live Your True Nature, Nature | 0 comments

“Feel Spirit dance within you and move your feet  beneathe you” is my way of saying: feel the Spirit, the beautiful energy of Pachamama, Mother Earth, the Universe and Your True Nature. Be fully and completely aligned with it AND take action. Intentions alone aren’t enough. Action is needed. Aligned action. The school of hard knocks (get your a** in gear) does not get me boogieing. This is the language that works best for me by helping me access and maintain fun, light, playful energy and keep my ‘why’ (intentions) in mind as I move my feet, dancing into action. Feel the beat. Move your feet. Keep Dancing. It’s all about enjoying the dance more than where we are on the dance floor. 

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