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Breathe & Be

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Minute Midnight Message

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Choose your own weather forecast

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Do you ever wake or go about your day feeling in a fog? Caught up in what seem to be crazy life issues? Have you been known to react, adding to the drama?

Are you able to catch yourself, take some deep breaths, wait it out, having faith that you’ll experience life beyond the dense fog?

Though things may appear to move in slow motion, as you focus on anything positive, (sure there may be dense fog, but look at all those gorgeous flowers!;-), the heavy fog of the situation miraculously lifts until you just see lovely flowers and feel the warmth of the sunshine.

Once everything is clear, do you catch yourself suddenly seeing the beauty of the fog and possibly even missing the contrast!? What if we chose to make those circumstances irrelevant and set our internal channel to whatever we want in whatever moment. Though at times it feels as if it has gone missing, we do indeed each have the remote.

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The Backroad to Bliss

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What I love about road trips is taking random side roads and meeting people. I could devote a post just for that but what I really wanted to share here is another road I took that led to this gem.

(c) Britt Nielsen

I drove to the end of a dirt road and followed a sandy path. Looking back towards the parking lot.

(c) Britt Nielsen

My feet welcomed the warmth of the sand 

(c) Britt Nielsen

Pleasantly surprised at the top of the path (c) Britt Nielsen

(c) Britt Nielsen 

A few people enjoyed the waters of this gem of a spot on the Gulf of the Saint Lawrence.


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New meaning to car camping.

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I woke to a room with a view, from Sparky the van in Steuben, Maine.

Thank goodness for public libraries when you need Wi-Fi/cellular connection or shelter from the rain. I spent the day at the library loading photos and researching the route for tomorrow.

There were fewer mosquitoes behind the library than at the campground, so I opened the rear hatch to provide a little shelter from the rain and set up the stove to reheat my “guay tiow” noodle soup from “The Best Thai” restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised to come across a Thai restaurant yesterday afternoon and really enjoyed chatting with several of the staff in Thai. They seem to enjoy chatting with me just as much!

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And We’re off…!

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Tune in here for tales (or at least pictures) of one woman’s three-week solo road trip from Vermont to the north eastern provinces of Canada in “Sparky” the red van. As is typical in my travels, nothing has been planned beyond the first stop! Headed to Portland, Maine area to stay with a friend. As hard as it is the leave the beauty of Vermont, I’m excited to explore new areas!

The beauty of Vermont–Camel’s Hump through the tinted windshield. (c) Britt Nielsen

I knew my trip was off to a good start when I saw this sticker in a rest area restroom!

Better than “alright!” (c) Britt Nielsen

First quick visit to Portland, Maine left a good impression though best to visit again in the off season! I took a “wrong” turn and ended up on Mackworth Island outside Portland. This was the perfect place to enjoy my picnic dinner and a walk around the island. 

(c) Britt Nielsen

picnic dinner view on Mackworth Island (c) Britt Nielsen

Fairy House Community on Mackworth Island (c) Britt Nielsen

Wonderful to stay at a friend’s this first night. Elizabeth has invited me to spend a night in a Lighthouse keeper’s house tomorrow on an island at the mouth of the Kennebunk river. There are tales of it being haunted… 

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