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Let Your True Colors Show

Posted by on Aug 11, 2013 in Live Your True Nature, True Nature Expression | 0 comments

Lessons from a poppy: Let go of all resistance, embrace the sun and the rain, emerge, let your true colors show and LIVE vibrantly!

Let Your True Colors Show ©Britt Nielsen

Let Your True Colors Show ©Britt Nielsen

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When Panic Strikes

Posted by on Apr 21, 2011 in Drama, Panic | 0 comments

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I signed up for a virtual ‘writing camp.’ Camp is about fun, fireflies and sharing stories with others around the campfire. And writing camp is a way to get me seated and well…writing—not something I’m naturally thrilled about. We have the ‘camp counselor’ everyone dreams of—kind-hearted, creative, completely accepting of ALL writing and a great hugger—even though we’re on the phone, I know this must be true!

For one of the camp activities, our ‘counselor’, Julie has us hold our paper with our current writing project at different vantage points to change our perspective. I especially like balancing my blank page for my first ever blog post on my head as I walk around the room. I could get the camp award for how well I can do this! I don’t share that with the others in the group. Now that we have a fresh perspective, Julie prompts us to start writing  “when I see my writing project…”

When I see my writing project, I panic. My chest tightens. I replay the tape from childhood. “I don’t know how to start. I don’t know what to write. Why do we need to write anyway?” The words ‘writing project’ sound like death. They constrict my breath causing it to be so shallow I might die. That’s a bit drastic don’t you think? Well then I might die—or at least severely suffer—if I don’t write it! Please, such drama! Yes, that’s what I should do, DRAMA, not writing. Where’s the sign up for drama camp?

What ‘tapes’ from your childhood are you replaying? What anxieties or fears do you have? What aren’t you doing that you would truly love to do? I invite you to  play!with me to explore what maybe be holding you back and discover what wants to be so you can vibrantly Live Your True Nature!

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