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Motivation Mambo

Posted by on Aug 15, 2013 in True Nature Expression | 0 comments

Sing Your Song

This Morning’s Song: Barefoot, Bathing in Sunshine, a dog that stares at shadows regardless of whether or not they stare back!
Sing Your Song, Dance Your Dance
©Britt Nielsen

Like a magic act, it had suddenly vanished! Just over 2 weeks of posting photographs daily, the motivation to post again was gone!


It would be simple to post one of the gorgeous nature images from my archives that I love. Why wasn’t I called to jump on the computer to share one? It feels great to share when there’s interaction with my postings–when people ‘like’ or comment or share. Yesterday there wasn’t any interaction. I wasn’t at all worried that nobody had liked it.  I was content with what I had written and really liked the photograph as well.  What I write and what photo I post is what comes out each day. Sometimes I’m more excited about it than others but I don’t need the ‘likes’ as acknowledgement. It’s just more meaningful to me if I feel it “reaches” people. It’s the difference between having a conversation with myself, or with others.


Sure accolades are lovely, but I love photographing regardless of if anyone sees or showers praise on my photographs.  The trick in the magic show of posting on my website and Facebook fanpage is how to dance the motivation mambo–how to continue to dance and love it,  regardless of whether or not there are dance partners! I do love to dance and to share; I know I have to do it for me regardless of whether or not or how what I share is received.  Again, I came to this realization as I stood outside barefoot in the wet grass in my nightshirt, bathing in sunshine, listening to cooing morning doves, clucking chickens, and crowing rooster, all singing their song whether or not anyone hears them.
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