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A Single Blade?

Posted by on Sep 12, 2013 in Live Your True Nature, Nature, Poetry, Self-love | 4 comments

Single Blade, So Much More ©Britt Nielsen

Single Blade, So Much More
©Britt Nielsen

A Single Blade
Is that what you see?
A single blade catching the sun?
I am so much more.
See all of life reflected here.
You are here too.
Can you feel your presence?
Pause a moment, breathing it in.
I am a single blade.
I lean out in search of Solitude.
I sway with Wind as my lead, though
without me, there would be no dance
on the water’s edge.
Oh, how Water ripples with glee
at our playful dance.
So, now we are three.
Wait there’s more.
You make four.
Stay and dance.
Single Blade am I,
bending, dipping and
masquerading as a Single Blade.
Can you not see the depth of me
beyond my curves, fold down the middle,
and narrowing tip?
Life explodes within and beyond
the shadows of my sinewy ridges.
I plunge to my depths and pop up for air,
diving deeper again and again
until I erupt laughing,
breathing fully now.
I am me!

Single Blade, So Much More

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Nature's Reflections ©Britt Nielsen

Nature’s Reflections
©Britt Nielsen

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Open to the Mystery

Posted by on Aug 14, 2013 in Live Your True Nature, Nature | 0 comments

Can you see it? Can you feel Beauty and Grace even where there’s darkness and Confusion? Open to the motion of  what’s rippling on your shores. Let the light in and through. Open to the grace of calm waters reflecting clarity of what is. Don’t be fooled by the mirage–or maybe it’s all a mirage. Open to the mystery  and symmetry of the shadows.

-5317 log reflection

Open to the Mystery
©Britt Nielsen

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